Richard Bernstone, who was born in 1960, set up in business with childhood friend Mark Pollack in 1985. Although they were very young at the time, they had already been dreaming of their ideal real estate business for a good seven years.

Richard Bernstone and Pollack’s aim was to focus solely on prestigious properties, initially only houses, but later adding flats and then new luxury developments to the portfolio of homes they help clients to buy, sell, rent or let in central, north and north western London. All of their properties on the books are to be found close to central London with East Finchley in zone 3, being the most distant.

Aston Chase properties each have their own unique selling points, but what they have in common is that each bears a top London address. Or, put another way, each excels when put to t
location, location, location” measure.

Aston Chase represents both classic and ultra-modern flats and houses. Both founder-owners are still as active in the business as they ever were and have built around them a team of mature and skilful salespeople, who discretely tailor the Aston Martin service to each individual client.

The firm takes special pride in its marketing approach. Aston Martin ensures that each home is perfectly dressed for its photo shoot. The fact that property descriptions are also thoughtfully produced, lends an extra touch and gives the company a clear advantage in a market in which property descriptions can often let the property down and reduce its asking price. Not so at Aston Chase. The firm is not interested in moving hundreds of properties; they prefer to focus on fewer sales, but ensure that their clients are satisfied with the outcome.

Having worked and lived within a relatively small radius of their first office in Hampstead Garden Suburb for two and a half decades, Bernstone and Pollack are considered very knowledgeable about N3, NW1, NW11, NW3, NW1, W9 and a couple of other desirable postcodes. They don’t stop short at knowing the properties – they also know he history of each area as well as everything there is to know about the present, including the availability and rating of schools, shopping, services and other amenities in each area.

The Aston Chase reputation is such that Richard Bernstone, Pollack and their long-standing sales team sell many of the most upmarket properties off market. They appreciate that sellers may not want the world to know their homes are for sale. And buyers welcome the discretion that the firm exercises in all their dealings. After all, not everyone with £20 million to spend on a property wants that information to be in the public domain.

Richard Bernstone supports many charitable causes. Arguably, Norwood gets the lion’s share of his time, particularly during the backgammon tournament “season”. Norwood is a Jewish charity dedicated to supporting children and adults with learning disabilities. Backgammon, an ancient board game for two players, is perhaps RichardBernstone’s favourite hobby, based on his success in past Norwood tournaments.